Profile IWS

PT. INDONESIA WIJAYA SEJAHTERA GLOBAL ASIA (IWS) is a company engaged in sales and containers for those who wish to get passive income opportunities with a system that is not burdensome for their members. And also a place for each member to learn in improving human resources to unleash the best potential in themselves.

IWS also provides education to increase the ability for its members to make it easier to achieve goals the members. With the ease of the system, the efficacy of the product and the many rewards so that members will not feel disadvantaged after running this business. IWS strives to improve the quality of service for members and innovates to be ready to compete with the best companies to become the best among the best.


Forming a global community in implementing leadership values ​​starts from leading oneself and then to the surrounding environment. We do this to help become individuals who are able to achieve the expected and personally useful targets.


To be the number one company in the world in the direct selling industry to elevate the Indonesian economy to prosper.

Values Of IWS