At IWS, we make the provision of products for all customers throughout the archipelago our top priority, and our mission is to make IWS products as part of the solution for a healthier and more prosperous life for our members. What sets us apart is products that are equipped with a dynamic compensation concept that gives you bonuses for selling and referring our products and services. And empower others to do the same thing.

Sustainable business and sustainable strength of residual income can be reached by various levels of society in general who develop and practice discipline in referencing, reviewing and sustaining.


Using regularly to reference IWS products to build your sales team is a discipline and practice that will build your foundation for long-term growth and earning income on an ongoing basis.
- Retail Bonuses


Be a Leader and manage your Team, Create a repetitive behavior of what you do to your team. to enjoy sustainable income.
- Bonus pair


Maintain the success that you and your team have achieved. your sales and team regularly to ensure a sustainable and solid business. which will bring you more people to get extraordinary benefits that someone can achieve through product sales.

How Does it Work?

IWS offers exclusive products that are sold online through a unique market plan standard. This plan pays Bonuses and / or incentives to members for the promotion of the company's products.