Here are 9 Mental Differences between the Rich and the Mental of the Poor

Rich people are actually not only because of their wealth but also because of the abundance that exists in their hearts and behavior as a human being so that they really can become rich and successful.

The following is how the difference between people who are mentally rich and people who are mentally poor so that we can better understand and know that poverty that continues to hit us can be overcome by changing the mindset and mentality like a rich person so that fortune and abundance is always and accompanies every day.

1. Written Plan

Mental & nbsp; rich and successful has a written plan so he focuses on the plan he has written while being mentally poor does not have a written plan even the plan might almost not have because it only flows like water and resignedly accept fate.

2. Looking for Opportunities

Mental rich will always see opportunities in every situation while poor mentality always see problems in every situation. This difference in mindset will affect attitudes and behaviors so that the mentally rich will get richer and the poorer mentality will always suffer from poverty.

3. Have Many Success Books

people who are mentally rich are born from positive and inspirational books they have while those who are poor actually spend a lot of time watching television not by reading positive things that encourage their lives .

4. Continue to learn to develop themselves

People who are mentally rich will never stop to learn and develop themselves, while those who are mentally poor never want to learn because they just want to know it modestly and become someone who feels they know everything so never want to act and learn new things.

5. Exchange Money for Time

People who have a rich mentality chase time rather than money, invest their money to get more time while mentally poor instead, they spend time to get money then money is used for various desires so that always exhausted and not developing.

6. Keep Stepping Even though Failed

Success is certainly a package of failures and obstacles. People with rich mentality will continue to move even if only step by step when failures or obstacles come on them. Whereas people with poor mentality are afraid to fail and avoid all risks of failure so they only stay in place and do not dare to go forward to face obstacles ahead.

7. Investment for the Future

People who are mentally rich and think rich will invest for the future while people who are mentally poor actually just live and have fun for today. He never thought of the future because his life was only for today.

8. Appreciate Time

People who value time are people who are successful and wealthy. Whereas those who are mentally poor never want to appreciate and utilize time, they instead want time to pass quickly and spend time on something that does not support their lives for the better.

9. Have a Mentor

People who are mentally rich always look for inspirators and mentors to help them realize their dreams while people who are mentally poor are very selfish and arrogant so they feel they know everything and they don't need a mentor and inspirator; know for yourself and find your own way of success without wanting to hang out and learn from those who have had success before.