Moral Story

Did you know that bamboo trees will not show significant growth for the first 5 years.

Everyday watered & fertilized, growing only a few tens of centimeters.

But after 5 years, the growth of bamboo trees is very powerful & the size is no longer a matter of centimeters, plus a meter. (NOT) on the trunk, from which, bamboo trees prepare a very strong foundation, so that he can sustain the height of tens of meters in the future.

If we experience an obstacle & failure, does not mean we do not experience development, but rather we are experiencing extraordinary growth in ourselves.

When we are tired & almost surrendered in the face of the rigors of life, never give up hope.

There is a slogan that says "the hardest part of a rocket to reach orbit is to get through the earth" s gravity ” (“ the heaviest part for a rocket to reach orbit is when it passes through Earth's gravity ”) If we pay attention, the biggest piece of supporting equipment carried by a rocket is a booster jet to pass through atmosphere & Earth's gravity.

After the rocket passes the atmosphere, the booster jet will be released & the rocket will fly with minimum fuel in space with no weight, light hovering, & without effort.

Likewise, humans, the hardest part of a SUCCESS is that in the beginning someone starts a business from a struggle, because everything feels so HEAVY & FULL PRESSURE.

But if he can pass a certain threshold, in fact someone can feel all the conveniences & freedom from pressure & burden.

But unfortunately, many people give up when the pressure & the burden is felt to be too heavy, like a rocket that fails to penetrate the atmosphere.

Buya Hamka said "if you live just for life, pigs in the forest also live &   if work is just work, apes also work ”

When a bamboo tree is blown by strong winds, it will bow, but after the wind passes, it will straighten up again, like a human's life journey that is never free from trials & obstacles.

So be like a bamboo tree !!!

The flexibility of a bamboo tree teaches us an attitude of life that builds on the determination to live life, despite storms & the typhoon struck.

There is no word of surrender to continue to grow, there is no reason to be buried in limitations, because after all growth for growth must begin with the ability to defend itself in even the most difficult conditions.

Make sure that in the days ahead, our lives will be HIGH & be a BLESSING CARRIER to others, like a bamboo tree